Nambiaparambil Ayurveda Panchakarma Hospital
Nambiaparambil, Kerala, India.
Mon-Sat: 07:00 - 17:00

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Nambiaparambil Ayurveda Panjakarma Hospital is a  146 year old Ayurvedic practitioning Institution occupied with the practice and proliferation of Ayurveda, the conventional medicinal services arrangement of India and is evaluated as one of the top 10 Ayurvedic hospitals in Kerala and India. Nambiaparambil offers real Ayurvedic medications and treatments to patients from India and abroad. The Nambiaparambil Hospital was built up in the year 1870 by the colossal visionary Late Nambiaparambil Luka Vaidyan at Valayar close Muvattupuzha , an area loaded with greenery , at God's Own Country turned out to be the best ayurvedic healing center in Kerala . He translated the speculations of Ayurveda and adjusted them effectively into powerful mending frameworks in ordinary life. After him , the people to come (Nambiaparambil Thomman Vaidyan) additionally did gigantic examination and medicines that rearranged Ayurveda as an answer for individuals looking for mending from each sort of disease.He was likewise sharp in the upliftment of the general public and he was chosen as the first MLA of Thodupuzha electorate in 1905. After his residency, Thomman Vaidyan took the charge of Nambiaparambil Ayurveda Hospital . He drove the healing center at the season of change of Modern India , where he entirely took after the customary ayurvedic standards . Nambiaparambil Ayurveda Hospital is one of the best Ayurvedic hospitals in Kerala and India. We are known for Ayurvedic treatment in Kerala for back pain and Ayurvedic treatment for Arthritis in Kerala


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RDSlim_logoNambiaparambil Ayurveda Panchakarma Hospital is the first traditional ayurvedic hospital in Kerala. RDSLIM care is a specialized treatment package of Nambiaparambil Ayurveda Panchakarma Hospital for the treatment of diseases namely Rheumatoid, Diabetis and Obesity.


Ayurveda – harmony of body, mind and soul.

Grown in the unblemished place that is known for India somewhere in the range of 5000 years prior, Ayurveda, the art of life and life span, is the most seasoned social insurance framework on the planet and it joins the significant musings of medication and logic. From that point forward Ayurveda has remained for the wholesome physical, mental and profound development of mankind around the globe. Today, it's a one of a kind, imperative branch of prescription, a complete naturalistic framework that relies on upon the determination of your body's humors - vata, pitta and kapha - to accomplish the right adjust. Nambiarparambil is totally the best ayurvedic doctor's facility in India with demonstrated track records. It is one of the Famous Ayurvedic Hospital in Kerala.

Ayurveda, in its exacting interpretation from Sanskrit, signifies 'the information of life', and is one among the world's most antiquated ways to deal with solution. The way that the first Sanskrit term is still being used shows how old this customary craftsmanship truly is. Ayurveda is likewise profoundly established in Hindu otherworldly convictions, as the wellspring of Ayurvedic learning is said to be from Lord Brahma, the God of Creation. This sort of treatment is currently alluded to as 'frameworks solution', a methodology where the different structures in the body are seen as complimentary to each different as parts of a coordinated entirety. Kerala Ayurvedic treatment for Diabetes needs medication ordinarily depends on cleanliness and plant-based meds, with a few medicines requiring creature items, fats and minerals. The experienced specialists for treatments in our Ayurvedic Hospitals in Kerala.

“The great thing about Ayurveda is that its treatments always yield side benefits, not side effects.”


By Standers
Usually no by standers necessary (For patients who is able to walk and bath)
Booking Facility
Online Advance Booking Facility Available.
Nearest Airport
Kochi international airport at Nedumbassery. Distance 60 km via Kothamangalam.
Canteen diet to all inpatients.
Railway Station
Nearest Railway Station – Alwaye Distance 60km. Via Muvattupuzha.

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