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Compelling and special meds for hefty Rheumatic sickness, Type 2 diabetes, Cholesterol, Knee pain, Back distress, Sciatic torment, Cervical torment, Shoulder agony, Intervertebral Circle Prolapse and Disk Bulge, Joints torment, Osteoporosis, Rheumatoid joint torment and Hemi plegia (loss of movement on one side), Maturity-onset diabetes and Bronchial Asthma Allergic Rhinitis.

Ayurvedic hospitals in Kerala lets you know about the ancient helpful approach to managing your body with better prosperity by relieving, persevering, eliminating disease and extending your significant nature and parity. In the voyage for better health, most of us adopt better approaches to life, diet regimes or grasp new rationalities. The method can regularly be overwhelming and the results not precisely compensating when results are immaterial, and costs counted. To slice through the heaps of options, a weighty segment of us essentially hope to obtain parity. The test is the best approach to detect balances in case you don't fathom what your cumbersome nature are. Our Ayurvedic hospitals provides you with the best treatment for various maladies.

Effective cure for fruitlessness, heaps, PCOD and other uterine troubles, duodenal and gastric ulcers, dandruff, hair fall and headache are accessible from our Ayurvedic hospitals. Furthermore, exceptional medications for fat decline and slimming are available.

Systematic Panchakarma Treatment requires 2 weeks to 50 days time to perform the procedure. To condense the time, the Panchakarma Treatment system is modified to various packages which require a week to 20 days rather than 2 weeks to 50 days.

All the packages will be screened under the guidance of Dr. Tom Nambi B.A.M. Retired Government Medicinal Officer. having 30 years experience in the field of Ayurvedic Treatment and the Panchakarma treatment for women is conducted under the supervision of Dr. Elsamma Tom. Specialist doctors are available at our hospital and we will aid in fixing your sickness.



1. Relaxation 3 Days

First Day Oil Knead + Steam Shower + Sirodhara
Second Day Oil Knead + Steam Shower + Sirodhara
Third Day Oil Knead + Steam Shower + Sirodhara

2. Rejuvenation 8 Days

First Day Oil Knead + Steam Shower
Second to Sixth Day Pizhichil + Njavarakizhi + Sirodhara
Seventh Day – Oil Knead +Steam Shower
Eighth Day Oil Knead + Steam Shower + Virechanam

3. Osteoporosis, Back Pain Packages 14 days

First Day Massage + Steam Shower
Second to Sixth Day Podikizhi + Kadivasthi + Upanaham
7, 8, 10, 12, 14th Day Kizhi + Dhara
9, 11, 13th Day Abhyangam + Steam Bath + Kashayavasthi

4. Rejuvenation + Detoxification Programme 8 Days

First Day Oil Knead + Steam Shower
second to fourth day pizhichil + Sirodhara
Fifth , Sixth Day Njavarakizhi + Sirodhara + Snehavasthi
Seventh day Abhyangam + Steam Shower + Kashayavasthi
Eighth Day Abhyangam + Steam Shower + Snehavasthi

5. Fat Reduction, Slimming Programme 15 days

Steam shower
second to eighth day Powder knead + Steam shower
Ninth Day Oil Knead + Steam Shower + Kashayavasthi
10, 11, 13 Powder Massage + Steam Shower
Fourteenth Day Oil Knead + Steam Shower + Kashayavasthi
Fifteenth Day Oil Knead + Steam Shower

6. Rheumatic Packages 11 Days

First Day Oil Knead + Steam Shower
Second and Third Day Oil Knead + Podikizhi + Upanaham
4,5,6,7,9,11th Days Podikizhi + Thailavsthi
6,8,10th Day Abhyangam + Steam shower + Kashayavasthi

7. Medium Rheumatic packages 14 Days

First Day Oil Knead + Steam Shower
Second to Sixth Day Oil Rub + Podikizhi + Upanaham
7, 8, 10,12,14th Day Podikizhi + Thailavsthi
9,11,13th Day – Abhyangam + Steam shower + Kashayavasthi

8. Medium Arthritis Packages 14 Days

First Day Upanaham + Steam Shower
Second to Sixth Day Avikizhi + Steam Shower
7, 8,10,12,14th day Elakizhi + Thailavasthi
9,11,13th day-Abhyangam + Steam Shower + Kashayavasthi

9. Rejuvenation & Recharging Programme 20 days

1,2nd Day Oil Rub + Steam Shower
Third Day Abhyangam + Steam Shower + Virechan
4 to 5 Pizhichil + Sirodhara
6 to 10 – Pizhichil + Navarakizhi + Sirodhara
11,12 Pizhichil + Njavarakizhi
13, 14 Njavarakizhi + Thailavasthi
15, 17, 19 – Abhyangam + Steam Shower + Kashayavasthi
16,18th Day - Njavarakizhi + Thailavasthi
Twentieth day – Abhyangam + Steam Bath + Thailavasthi

Custom built packages suitable for diabetes and other diseases as per the request of the customer.
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