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Nambiaprabil Ayurveda Panchakarma Hospital is the alternative recuperating office of the Indian tradition, which began in olden times. Ayurveda is a unique healing science for cure, evasion or restoration of the human body. We offer the best treatment for joint swelling in Kerala furthermore, Loss of Movement and various disorders. We offer the very best Ayurvedic Treatment for Paralysis in Kerala and specialists are here to help you out with a swift recovery.


There are two strategies for the success of medication in Ayurvedic System of Medicine.

  1. Curative
  2. Eliminative


In the Curative strategy for treatment, curing of suffering is possible by taking Medicines and hence the treatment wins in each and every other system of Medicine.


Eliminative strategy for treatment is also known by the common term Panchakarma. According to Ayurveda, accumulated contamination in the body is the sole clarification behind the disease. If we get rid of each one of those contaminations, we will have the ability to discover the ailment; the total demolition of disease is possible and the chance for repetition from that point onwards is little to none and our hospital is ranked in the top 10 best Ayurvedic Treatments for Paralysis in Kerala.


Panchakarma Treatments

Amongst the 5 eliminative meds, Kshayavasthi is the most basic procedure through which all contaminations can be cured. Without a doubt, it is regarded the best way to Physicians to discover diseases. Kashayavasthi ( Aasthapanam) is particularly effective in every Rheumatic ailments, Weight Loss, Type 2 Diabetes, Psoriasis, Infertility, Back pain, Knee pain, Cervical pain, Shoulder pain, Sciatic pain, Intervertebral plate prolapse and disk swelling, Joints pain, Hemi Plegia ( one side loss of movement) and Rheumatoid joint swelling.

Aasthapana, the eliminative treatment has cleansing properties, curative features, and will connect with the body and genitourinary system. .

Njavarakizhi, Pizhichil, Narangakizhi are the three main strengths of Kerala. Pichu, Sirodhara, Thalam, Oil back rub and Steam shower, Thalapothichil (all to head) Elakizhi, Podikizhi, Avikizhi, Kadikizhi, Kadidhara, Kadivasthi, Udwarthanam, Upanaham, are all meds for the body.

Curative Treatments

Kaya Kalpa Chikitsa

Pizichil;Ela Kizhi : Herbal leaves and herbs or home grown powders are connected to the entire body in boluses with hot sedated oils for 2 times of 7 to 14 days.
Podi Kizhi : When home grown powders alone is utilized for kizhi, it is called Podi – kizhi.
Njavara-kizhi :sedated Njavara – Rice is Prepared in Kurunthotti quath + milk . This is an uncommon treatment won in Kerala utilized for kizhi.
This treatment is for osteoarthritis, joint pain with swelling, spondylitis, sports wounds and so forth.

Udvarthanam (Weight losing treatment) : It is an extraordinary treatment utilizing medicated powders. Otherwise called "powder massage" Udvarthanam is observed to be extremely viable in treating skin diseases, paralysis, hemiplegia, obesity, debilitated flow and some Kapha overwhelming maladies. Two therapists apply medicated natural powders extraordinarily on the body for around 30 to 40 minutes every day for a time of 14 to 28 days.


Nasyam is the treatment of nasal utilization of natural juices or oil. A filtration technique implied for dispensing with vitiated doshas in the head and neck. Nasyam is likewise viable for immobile and mental issue.


Pizhichil is one of a kind treatment emerged in Kerala, which was produced from old established treatment called Kayadhara. In Pizhichil lukewarm sedated natural oil is poured everywhere throughout the body. Trained therapists do it in an uncommon rhythmic manner consistently for around 45-60 minutes every day. It should be done as a course of 7 days minimum. Pizhichil is very effective in Rheumatic diseases like paralysis, hemiplegia, nervous weakness and nervous disorders. If the kaya dhara is done using cowmilk and medicated decoctins it is named as ksheera dhara.

Certain valuable natural leaves and herbs are bubbled and the steam is passed to the entire body for 10 to 20 minutes. This is useful for certain skin illnesses, to wipe out impurities from the body, to enhance the tone of the body, to reduce fat and so on.
A massage program extraordinarily imagined for wounds to the muscles inside the body and to revive the veins empowering a free stream of blood over the body. This back rub program has a rich and differed legacy. It was uncommonly composed as a treatment program for the kadathanadan kalari.

In this procedure, sedated milk, some herbal oils, cured spread milk and so on are poured on the brow in a special technique for around 45 minutes in a day for a time of 7 to 21 days. This treatment is predominantly for sleep deprivation, vatha prevailed maladies, mental pressure and certain skin ailments. In the event that we take Dhanyamlam and poured in body, then it is called Kadidhara.

Kaya kalpa chikitsa is a special treatment which enable the persons to regain their youth, vigour vitality and helps them to arrest their ageing process.
Treatments are carried out under doctors supervision and experienced therapists, masseurs etc
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