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"Arthritis is a form of joint disorder that involves inflammation in one or more joints."

Types of Arthritis



1. Rheumatoid Arthritis treatment in Kerala –Elevated ESR., Elevated RA  and Low HB per centage 

A chronic and progressive disease causing inflammation in the joints and resulting in painful deformity and immobility, especially in the fingers, wrists, feet, and ankles.

2. Gouty arthritis , Uric Acid elevated

It is an extremely painful attack with a rapid onset of joint inflammation. The inflammation is caused by the deposition of uric acid crystals in the lining of the joint (synovial lining) and the fluid within the joint.

3. Osteoarthritis (OA)

It is caused by aging joints, injury, and obesity. OA symptoms include joint pain and stiffness. Treatment depends on the affected joint, including the hand, wrist, neck, back, knee, and hip, and involves medication and exercise.

4. Joints  Pain followed  by  (ASO +ve)

5. SLE : Joints Pain followed by ANA +ve

6 Back Pain

Cartilage loss, Radiating pain from lumbar to legs, may be with numbness MRI Report may be Disc bulge or Disc prolapse. After treatment – No pain, No Numbness.

7. Cervical Pain

That may be due to cartilage loss in the affected area and the pain may radiate to either or both shoulders and Hands.

8. Other

Shoulder, Knee , Heel Pain and Pain in small joints of the wrist , L-Bow ankles. fingers or Foot
All this Joints Pains , Lumbar, Cervical , Knee ,Heal  Shoulder wrist , L-Bow ,ankles. Fingers or Foot may be due to Arthritis Changes  and comes under Rheumatoid category 




What you to expect from Our Program?

  1. Speedy recovery from inflammation and pain in all types of arthritis.
  2. ESR and RA levels will become normal.

3. HB % will be raised
4. Uric Acid, ASO factor will become normal.