Various tips to decrease corpulence have been said in Ayurveda. Ayurvedic tips which will help you in reducing weight are mentioned below.

Good exercises. Practices like energetic strolling, running, outdoor recreational games and so on aids in weight reduction.

Mental and physical exertion. Working out physically like  walking long distances to buy groceries, doing household chores, and so forth, walking to the office, walking long distances to bring the kid over from school,  climbing stairs and so on are sorts of physical exercise. Physical exertion aids in burning plenty of calories. Mental efforts like involving in discovering answers for issues or stressing limits consumption of food in a few and thereby resulting in a reduction of calorie intake.

Engaging in sexual relations as often as possible is additionally a decent physical exercise.

Consumption of nectar. This is fitting for non-diabetic patients. Devouring 2 teaspoon of nectar with a glass of homegrown tea which incorporates weight diminishing herbs help a considerable measure in the reduction of weight. Nectar alongside these herbs breaks up the medha (fat) and Kapha.

Staying away from food and drinks which increase medha and kapha. Such food items are desserts, sweetened beverages , vast amounts of oily and starchy food.

Avoiding the food and beverages which increase kapha and medha. The foods which increase kapha and medha are sweets, sweetened drinks , large quantities of carbohydrates and oily food.

Devouring wheat items than rice helps to reduce corpulence.

Utilizing steed gram and Green gram helps in reducing kapha and medha.

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